Text Box: Why not commission a work on your favourite subject? Original art holds a unique integrity and appreciates well. For the price of a print from one of the major galleries, you can own something special that will not deteriorate with age, and may well go onto increase its value significantly. 
I carry out commissions on almost all subjects, but aviation and landscape requests comprise the majority. The process typically begins with me creating a number of 'thumbnail' sketches to help visualise the composition. Once agreed on, I begin the painting and supply work-in-progress images through the process. 
The prices listed for my originals will give you a size/price guide, but email or 'phone me to discuss the subject and I'll give you a quote. These prices are a guide, and include postage. Paintings are completed on fine-grain canvas, and are shipped unmounted. 
8 X 12 Inches $260 
12 X 18 Inches $350 
12 X 24 Inches $650 
18 X 32 Inches $1450 
24 X 36 Inches $2250 
If you would like to discuss any ideas you have, please either give me a call, or email me on information@stevenheyenart.com
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Text Box: +61 2 89696306      information@stevenheyenart.com