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'Danger, Cold, Fear and Courage'

In 1944, B-17 'Little Patches' of the 401st Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomber Group turns off the target and heads back toward England. At thirty thousand feet, the temperature is at around 40 degrees C below zero, and the heat from the aircraft exhaust leaves condensation trails for many miles. German Focke-Wulf 190 fighters have swept down to attack. The pilot and co-pilot of 'Little Patches' look nervously on as one of the fighters passes by having failed to inflict damage. The German pilots have had to summon considerable nerve for the attack, possibly having up to ten guns trained on them at any time. The gunners try to whip their guns around for another shot at the marauders before they dive away. The scene encapsulates three seconds of action, three seconds of extreme danger, cold, fear and courage.

I paint about one of these B-17 scenes every 3 - 4 years, as they are a significant undertaking. My aim is to convey the emotions of the brave men involved in the scene, as well as the drama of the war fought high over Germany in WWII.

Oil on fine canvas: 23" by 40". Shipped unmounted, securely rolled. Shipping and insurance included in price

B-17 Flying Fortress aviation art

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